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Monica Crowley is an American political observer, international concerns examiner, and previous collaborator secretary of the Depository for public undertakings.

She worked as President Donald Trump’s assistant on foreign policy and is a frequent Fox News guest. Crowley has written a number of books on politics, international relations, and national security.

Crowley is presently a senior individual at the London Place for Strategy Exploration and keeps on being a persuasive voice in American governmental issues.

Monica Elizabeth Crowley is a former Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the United States Department of the Treasury. She was born on September 19, 1968. He was a lobbyist and political commentator.

She worked as a contributor for Fox News from 1996 to 2017 with breaks. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former online opinion editor for the Washington Times.

Crowley’s appointment to the position of Deputy National Security Advisor on the National Security Council was made public by the administration of Donald Trump in December 2016.

Did She write in his 2012 book What Just Happened? A month later. and his essay from 2000. On July 16, 2019, Trump announced that Crowley would be appointed Treasury Department spokesman. He assumed office on July 24, 2019, when he was sworn in.

Meet Monica Crowley – A Brief Overview of Her Personal Life, Career, Net Worth & Wiki

As an understudy, Crowley started composing letters to previous President Richard Nixon, who employed him as an exploration partner in 1990 when he was 22. She worked as a consultant and editorial advisor on Nixon’s final two books, and after Nixon died, he wrote two books about him: For the Record, Nixon: His candid remarks on politics, people, and Nixon in the Winter.

In Walk 2017, Crowley joined the firm of Douglas Schoen as a part-time specialist giving “outreach administrations” for Ukrainian industrialist and political figure Viktor Pinchuk. Crowley is enrolled as an unfamiliar specialist under the Unfamiliar Specialists Enlistment Demonstration of 1938.

Crowley’s appointment as Deputy National Security Advisor was made public in December 2016 following Trump’s victory in the election. Following is this announcement.

The appointment of Crowley as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Treasury Department was made public by Trump on July 16, 2019. Tony Saag, who resigned in May, will be replaced as Steven Mnuchin’s top spokesperson by Crowley.

Quick info About Monica Crowley

Real Name Monica Elizabeth Crowley
Known as Monica Crowley
Date Of Birth 19 September 1968
Birthplace Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona
Gender Female
Citizenship American
Age 54 years old (As of 2023)
Heights 5 feet and 6 inches/ 168 cm/ 1.68 m
Weight  51kg/ 113 pounds
Ethnicity White
Profession Political Commentator
Dating/Boyfriend Bill Siegel (rumored)
Sibling Jocelyn Elise
High School Watchung Hills Regional High School
BA in political science Colgate University
Ph.D. Columbia University
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Undisclosed
Marital Status Single
Children no
Net Worths $5 million


Monica Crowley’s Early Life and Education

Monica Crowley Husband, age, Networth & wiki much more

Crowley was raised in Warren Township, New Jersey, and was born at the Army base Fort Huachuca outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona. In 1986, Crowley received his diploma from Watchung Hills Regional High School.

She has a Ph.D. in international relations from Columbia University and a BA in political science from Colgate University.

Monica Crowley’s Husband Relationship and Marital Status

Throughout her career, Crowley has experienced ups and downs, during which she was rumored to be dating Bill Siegel, a producer, and director. The two were first seen together at a cocktail party hosted by a friend.

The couple has been in a secret relationship since 2007, according to sources, and there were rumors that they got engaged in 2011. However, they have not both confirmed this, so we can assume but cannot guarantee it until they do. Monica is single and does not currently have a partner.

Monica Crowley’s Net Worth & Wealth

Crowley began writing letters to the previous president, Richard Nixon while attending the university. Fortunately, she signed a contract to work as a research assistant. She was just 22 years old at the time.

Having been working with President, Crowley bit by bit honed her aptitudes in the media field. Additionally, Crowley served as publication counsel and advisor for Nixon’s final two books, and following his death, she dedicated Nixon in Winter and Nixon Off the Record to him.

As a writer, Crowley contributed to the New York Post, The Street Wall Journal, and LA Times, among other notable publications. When she joined the Fox News Channel in 1996, her career took off.

Crowley began working as a political analyst for the Fox News Channel in 1996, and he also occasionally collaborated with Greg Gutfeld as a panelist for the late-night Satire Show on Fox News.

The greatest debate she looked at was subsequent to being selected as the delegate public safety consultant for President Trump’s organization. She was accused of plagiarizing her Ph.D., and CNN’s K File Division looked into the degree.

However, she began working for Douglas Schoen in March 2017 as a part-time consultant. Monica Crowley is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million in 2023, with an annual income of between $221,590 and $834,232.

Who is Monica Crowley and What are Her Achievements?


Crowley wrote a regular column for the New York Post in the middle of the 1990s. He has also written for The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.

Crowley was a pundit for Public Radio’s Morning Release during the 1990s. She has been the host of The Monica Crowley Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, since 2002, and she frequently contributes to The John Bachelor Show.

Crowley joined Fox News Channel in 1996 as a political and foreign affairs analyst, occasionally substituting for Sean Hannity on Hannity. In 2004, he joined MSNBC’s Associated: Coast to Coast with Ron Regan as a co-host. The show ended its nine-month run on December 9, 2005.

Crowley has also hosted the MSNBC show The Best of Imus in the Morning and appeared as a frequent guest on Imus in the Morning. He worked as a contributor once more for Fox News Channel in 2007. From late 2007 to 2011, he regularly participated in the McLaughlin Group.

Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, a satirical late-night show on Fox News Channel, featured Crowley as a panelist on occasion. He has been Bill O’Reilly’s guest host on The O’Reilly Factor and his subsequent podcast since 2009, and he also co-starred with Alan Colmes in a segment titled “Barack and a Hard Place” on an episode of The O’Reilly Factor.

He occasionally serves as a guest host on The Five, a daily Fox opinion show that airs at 5:00 p.m. ET. Crowley depicted himself in the Netflix unique series Place of Cards.

Crowley said, “This is a revolt of the vulnerable against the protected elite” in a 2016 election-day commentary on Fox News about Republican candidate Donald Trump’s imminent upset victory.

Monica Crowley’s career in politics

Crowley began writing letters to Prakton layman Richard Nix when he was a student. Nix was 22 when he was considered a researcher in 1990. He was Nixon’s last and book guide advisor, and he wrote books about Nixon after taking Nixon’s advice: Nixon as recorded on video: Nixon in the Winter and People’s Android Politics in His Candidandmand.

In Walk 2017, Crowley joined Douglas Shaw’s Component as a specialist for the episode “Friendly Government” by Victor Peepul, a resident and character. Policy Crowley as a foreign agent portal under the 1938 Foreign Agent Portal Act

After the subsequent triumph, it was continued in December 2016 that Crowley joined the power as a representative public safety counselor. Follow up on this. Friday elevated Crowley to the position of assistant to Treasury Group Publicfairs on July 16, 2019. Crowley was supplanted by Toye Sae Ge, and Tani May ventured down, with Depository Secretary Steven Mucci as the top post.

Controversies About Monica Crowley

1. Conspiracy theories about Barack Obama-

The conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim has been floated on multiple occasions by Crowley. After Obama defended his right to build the Islamic Community Center Park51 in Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center in 2010,

Crowley asked, “How can he… support the enemy? “, suggesting that Obama had dual loyalties to Islam and the United States. In 2013, he said the Muslim Fellowship had “tracked down a partner” in Obama.

In 2009, he noticed that Obama utilized his complete name, Barack Hussein Obama, during his initiation as president (which presidents typically do), requested the conclusion of the Guantanamo Narrows detainment camp from the get-go in his administration, and allowed a meeting with news sources.

“where his head is and, perhaps, his sympathies tell you,” it says in Al Arabiya. Just to clarify. Crowley stated in 2011 that Obama’s birther conspiracy theories raised legitimate concerns.

She published an article in 2015 in which he referred to Obama as an “Islamic community organizer” who “aligned US policy with Islam and Sharia.”

2. Journalistic plagiarism- 

In 1999, Crowley was accused of counterfeiting a Richard Nixon segment he composed for The Mone Road Diary that drag “striking similitudes” (as per the Diary) to a piece Paul Johnson had composed 11 years sooner.

“I have not and will not use material without citing any source,” Crowley responded when The New York Times inquired about his position. According to a report by CNN on January 7, 2017, Crowley’s 2012 book, What the (bleep) Just Happened? contains approximately fifty examples of freely copied content from published sources, such as Wikipedia.

In an explanation, the Trump progress group called the robbery report “just a politically propelled assault” and remained by it.

Two days later, on January 9, 2017, Politico reported that Crowley’s 2000 Columbia University Ph.D. dissertation contained a further ten instances of plagiarism. An internal Columbia University investigation came to the conclusion in December 2019 that Crowley had committed “local instances of plagiarism,” but that the plagiarism did not amount to “research misconduct.”

Reports that he had taken the book What the (bleep) Just Happened? soon followed. HarperCollins, the book’s publisher, announced:

Since the book has reached the end of its normal sales cycle, it will no longer be available for purchase until the author has had a chance to find a piece of new information and make changes to it.

Crowley withdrew from the Trump administration’s consideration for the position of senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council on January 16, 2017. He said in a statement,

“I have decided to remain in New York to pursue other opportunities.” The following day, he was informed that the Washington Times, where he had previously held the position of online opinion editor, would conduct an investigation into his work for potential instances of additional plagiarism.

“What happened to me was a despicable, blatant, politically offensive act,” Crowley later told Fox News host Sean Hannity, describing the incident as “deprived.” Andrew Kaczynski, a CNN reporter, was the first to report the plagiarism in Crowley’s book.

He called his claim of innocence “total BS” and said, ” No error in our reporting has yet been pointed out by anyone. Or on the other hand request it to be adjusted. Reality versus Monica Crowley.”

Profile on Social Media for Monica Crowley

American political commentator and author Monica Crowley is well-known on social media. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, she has been actively interacting with her fans and followers.

One of the most influential figures in politics today is Monica Crowley, who has more than 1 million followers on all of her social media accounts. Monica Crowley keeps in touch with the general public by utilizing her social media profiles to promote her books, share her thoughts on current events, and share information about other projects.

She stands out from other political commentators because her posts frequently contain witty remarks and humorous perspectives on current events.

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American political commentator, columnist, and author Monica Crowley have been prominent in the media for decades. She has established herself as a respected authority on a number of topics thanks to her regular contributions to Fox News and other media outlets.

Numerous controversies and successes have marked her career, which culminated in her appointment as the Trump Administration’s Deputy National Security Advisor in 2017. We will examine her career highlights and her lasting legacy in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was Alan Colmes married to Monica Crowley?

Ans. Colmes was married to Rutgers University professor of public policy Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, whose sister is conservative radio commentator, pundit, and television personality Monica Crowley.

2. What is Monica Crowley’s Ph.D. in?

Ans. In 1986, Crowley received his diploma from Watchung Hills Regional High School. She holds a BA in political theory from Colgate College and a Ph. D. with a concentration in international relations from Columbia University.

3. How old is Monica Crowley?

Ans. Monica Crowley is 54 years as of 2023.

4. Where did Monica Crowley go to college?

Ans. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Colgate University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University in international relations.

5. Does Monica Crowley have a sister?

Ans. The late liberal political commentator Alan Colmes was Crowley’s brother-in-law. Alan Colmes was married to Crowley’s sister, Jocelyn Elise Crowley, a Rutgers University professor of public policy.

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