Kim Mulkey Basketball Coach, Age, Family, Net Worth, Salary Biography & Much More

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Kim Mulkey, a lauded and esteemed basketball coach hailing from the United States of America, is widely renowned for the significant and noteworthy contributions she has made to the sport, particularly in the realm of women’s college basketball.

The distinguished Mulkey was born into this world on the 17th of May in the year 1962, in Santa Ana, California, a place that would ultimately play a formative role in shaping her illustrious career. In her youth, Mulkey was an aspiring and driven athlete who possessed a natural affinity and aptitude for the game of basketball.

She later went on to play for Louisiana Tech University, where she honed her skills and talents, and ultimately evolved into a formidable player. Following her tenure as a player, Mulkey transitioned into coaching,

and after serving as an assistant coach for the USA Women’s Basketball team at the 2000 Olympics, she eventually ascended to the coveted position of head coach for the women’s basketball team at Baylor University in the year 2000.

During her illustrious tenure at Baylor University, Mulkey’s team achieved unprecedented success, winning a staggering three NCAA national championships and numerous conference titles, a feat that cemented her place in the annals of basketball history.

In the year 2021, Mulkey embarked on a new journey and became the head coach of the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team, a role that she undoubtedly embraced with the same passion and fervor that has characterized her career thus far.

Mulkey’s profound impact on the sport of basketball and her unwavering commitment to the advancement of women’s sports have earned her the distinction of being recognized as one of the most successful coaches in the history of the game.

Kim Mulkey Early Life and Education

Kim Mulkey Basketball Coach, Age, Family, Net Worth, Salary Biography & Much More

Mulkey’s birth and family background – Kim Mulkey, the acclaimed basketball coach hailing from Santa Ana, California, took her first breath on May 17, 1962, to Hershel and Barbara Mulkey, two sports aficionados who adored basketball and softball, respectively.

Kim was no stranger to the court, as her father coached basketball, and her mother coached softball, instilling in her a love for sports from a young age. This athletic passion was evident in her high school years when she showcased exceptional skills in basketball.

Her aptitude for the sport was also shared by her brother, Smokey, who later pursued a successful career as a basketball coach. The Mulkey family’s commitment to sports and coaching undoubtedly contributed significantly to Kim’s rise as one of the most prosperous women’s basketball coaches in history.

Her childhood and early interest in basketballKim Mulkey’s early years were forever marked by her deep passion for basketball. She was raised in a family that was obsessed with sports, which made it easy for her passion to grow.

She was surrounded by the sport from a young age because her father was a coach, and it wasn’t long before she started to show an uncanny talent for it. She worked hard and sweated a lot on the court to perfect her craft, and her father’s coaching was crucial to her growth as a player.

She emerged as a standout player during her high school years, attracting the admiring gaze of college scouts who were eager to have her on their team. Her hard work and dedication paid off quickly. Her early interest in basketball and her family’s unwavering support undoubtedly contributed to her eventual coaching success.

Kim Mulkey Professional Playing Career

Mulkey’s start in professional basketball– Her early years as a player were crucial to Kim Mulkey’s development into one of the most successful coaches in women’s basketball history.

Mulkey continued her love of basketball after graduating from high school by enrolling at Louisiana Tech University, where her abilities on the court stood out.

She was a member of the 1981 national championship-winning team and even won a gold medal as a member of the USA Women’s Basketball team at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.

However, Mulkey’s journey was far from over; she eventually turned her attention to coaching, initially working as an assistant coach for Louisiana Tech under Leon Barmore’s tutelage.

Mulkey’s contribution to the team’s success as an assistant coach was invaluable, and during her tenure, the Lady Techsters won two national championships.

Mulkey’s exceptional abilities as an assistant coach soon led to her appointment as the Lady Techsters’ head coach in 2000. She held that position for two years before leaving to lead the women’s basketball team at Baylor University.

Mulkey’s success as a head coach was built on her extensive experience as a player and assistant coach. The Baylor women’s basketball program was given new life by her focused and intense coaching style, which contributed to the team’s unprecedented success.

The team went on to win three NCAA national championships and several conference championships under Mulkey’s direction, firmly establishing Mulkey’s legacy as one of the most successful women’s basketball coaches ever.

Accomplishments and accolades as a player – Kim Mulkey’s remarkable accomplishments as a player and a member of a team define her basketball career. Mulkey showed off her exceptional court skills while she was at Louisiana Tech University,

where she was a key member of the team that won the national championship in 1981. She was a standout player on the court because of her skill set, which included unwavering determination, lightning speed, and remarkable agility.

Mulkey not only performed admirably in college but she was also regarded as a world-class athlete. She was selected for the USA Women’s Basketball team in Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympics because of her talent and dedication,

and she was a key part of the team’s success in winning the gold medal. Her performance demonstrated her ability to rise to any challenge and her unwavering dedication to the sport.

The impressive feats Mulkey accomplished as a player did not end there. She was named an All-American three times and won the title of Most Valuable Player at the 1984 Final Four,

two of her many individual accolades. These honors not only demonstrate her extraordinary talent but also speak to her influence on basketball and her lasting legacy as a role model for female athletes in the future.

Kim Mulkey Coaching Career

Kim Mulkey Basketball Coach, Age, Family, Net Worth, Salary Biography & Much More

Mulkey’s start in coaching – After retiring as a player and joining the Louisiana Tech University coaching staff in 1985, Kim Mulkey began her career as a coach.

Mulkey was able to make an immediate impact as an assistant coach under the legendary Leon Barmore because of her enthusiasm for teaching and her impressive knowledge of the game. Louisiana Tech established its position as a dominant force in women’s basketball during her tenure by winning not one but two national championships.

The team’s success was greatly aided by Mulkey’s unwavering dedication to assisting players in realizing their full potential. She put in a lot of effort working with the players to improve their abilities and push them to their limits. Mulkey became known as one of the most sought-after assistant coaches in the nation as a result.

As her standing developed, Mulkey got offers from a few different projects. In 2000, she jumped all over the chance to turn into the lead trainer at Baylor College, where she could construct a program without any preparation.

Mulkey was well-prepared for the challenge of being the head coach due to her extensive experience as a player and assistant coach. She quickly turned the team into a legitimate contender with her extensive knowledge and expertise.

The Lady Bears won a remarkable three NCAA national championships and numerous conference titles under Mulkey’s leadership. Mulkey is one of the most successful women’s basketball coaches ever because of her remarkable coaching style and leadership abilities.

Coaching positions held– Throughout her illustrious career, Kim Mulkey has held several notable coaching positions. After honing her skills as an assistant coach at Louisiana Tech University for a whopping fifteen years,

Mulkey was presented with the coveted head coaching position at Baylor University in 2000. Mulkey wasted no time making her mark at Baylor, orchestrating a remarkable turnaround that culminated in the Lady Bears’ first-ever appearance in the NCAA Tournament in 2001. In 2005, she led the team to their first-ever Big 12 Conference championship, cementing her reputation as a rising star in women’s college basketball coaching.

But Mulkey’s journey was far from over. Under her watchful eye, the Lady Bears continued their upward trajectory, clinching their first NCAA national championship title in 2005. Two more national championships followed in 2012 and 2019, further solidifying Mulkey’s place as one of the most successful coaches in the history of women’s college basketball.

Mulkey’s success as a coach has not been limited to the college ranks, however. In 2013, she was appointed as the head coach of the USA Women’s Basketball team at the World University Games, where she masterfully led her squad to a gold medal.

Mulkey also served as an assistant coach for the USA Women’s Basketball team at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, where she played an instrumental role in securing the team’s seventh consecutive gold medal.

So what has made Mulkey such a successful coach? According to those who know her best, it’s her unbridled passion for the game, her uncanny ability to inspire and motivate her players, and her tireless work ethic.

Her deep understanding of the game, coupled with her commitment to excellence, has made her a legend in the world of women’s basketball coaching. And while Mulkey may have retired from coaching, her legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of female athletes for years to come.

Kim Mulkey’s Personal Life

Kim Mulkey is a private person and does not often discuss her personal life in public. However, there are some details about her personal life that are known to the public.

Mulkey was born on May 17, 1962, in Tickfaw, Louisiana. She grew up in a family of athletes, with both her parents and two of her siblings playing sports. Mulkey herself was a standout basketball player in high school and went on to play at Louisiana Tech University, where she was a member of the Lady Techsters from 1980 to 1984.

Mulkey has been married to her husband, Randy Robertson, since 1987. Robertson is also a former basketball player and coach, and the couple has two children together, a son and a daughter.

In 2017, Mulkey revealed that she had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes temporary facial paralysis. She has since recovered from the condition and has continued to coach at a high level.

Despite the demands of her coaching career, Mulkey has also been active in philanthropy and has worked to support causes such as cancer research and the Special Olympics.

Kim Mulkey’s Net Worth and Salary

Kim Mulkey’s net worth and salary are not publicly disclosed. However, it is known that she signed a 10-year contract extension with Baylor University in 2019 that made her one of the highest-paid coaches in women’s college basketball.

According to reports, the contract was worth more than $18 million over the 10-year period. Mulkey has also earned significant income from endorsement deals and speaking engagements throughout her career.

Despite the lack of public information on her net worth, it is safe to say that Mulkey has been highly successful in her coaching career and has likely amassed a considerable amount of wealth.

Kim Mulkey’s Controversies

Throughout her time as a basketball coach, Kim Mulkey has been involved in a number of controversies.

When Mulkey defended the Baylor University athletic department from criticism regarding how they handled allegations of sexual assault by student-athletes in 2017, she made headlines. “If somebody’s around you and they ever say, ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face,” Mulkey said at a press conference.

Her remarks were widely criticized, with numerous individuals alleging that she placed student well-being ahead of athletic program success.

Mulkey received criticism in 2021 for remarks she made during a press conference following a defeat to UConn. She criticized the NCAA for its COVID-19 protocols, which mandated that players submit to seven negative tests before participating in the NCAA tournament.

Mulkey suggested that the NCAA should simply “dump” players who tested positive for the virus and carry on with the tournament. Her remarks were widely criticized, with numerous individuals alleging that she was insensitive and placed winning ahead of student athletes’ health and safety.

Mulkey’s coaching style, which some people describe as aggressive and confrontational, has also drawn criticism. A video of Mulkey grabbing her player, DiDi Richards, by the arm during a game surfaced in 2015. Mulkey later offered an apology for her actions, but her coaching methods were still questioned by some.

Mulkey continues to be one of the most successful women’s college basketball coaches in the history of the sport despite these controversies. She is well-known for her understanding of the game as well as her capacity to inspire and motivate her players, and her teams have won numerous championships.

Kim Mulkey’s social media

Kim Mulkey is active on Twitter and Instagram, two of her social media platforms. She uses the handle @Coachkimmulkey to sign in to her verified Twitter account. She frequently posts updates about her team, Baylor University, and personal life to her over 22,000 Twitter followers. She also uses Twitter to talk to her fans and followers and share her thoughts on current events.

Mulkey also uses the handle @Coachkimmulkey on Instagram. She frequently posts photos and videos about her personal life and coaching career to her over 103k Instagram followers. She also posts on occasion about her team and Baylor University.

In general, Mulkey seems to utilize online entertainment essentially for remaining associated with her fans and allies, as well as a stage for sharing updates and bits of knowledge connected with her training vocation.

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In conclusion, Kim Mulkey is a highly successful coach with an impressive career in women’s basketball. Her coaching journey began at her alma mater, Louisiana Tech University, where she served as an assistant coach for 15 years before becoming the head coach at Baylor University.

Under her leadership, the Lady Bears won three NCAA national championships and numerous conference titles, cementing her status as one of the most successful coaches in women’s college basketball history.

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FAQ about Kim Mulkey

1. Kim Mulkey Lsu?

Ans- Kim Mulkey was named the head coach of the LSU women’s basketball team on April 25, 2021. She left Baylor University, where she had coached for 21 seasons, to take on the new role at LSU. Mulkey is expected to bring her wealth of coaching experience and success to the LSU program and help elevate it to new heights.

2. Is Kim Mulkey engaged?

Ans- She married former professional baseball player Randy Robertson and they have one child together. However, if there are any recent developments regarding his personal life, I am not aware of them.

3. Kim Mulkey’s age?

Ans- Kim Mulkey was born on May 17, 1962, which makes her currently 60 years old (as of April 2023).

4. Kim Mulkey’s son?

Ans-Kim Mulkey has a son named Kramer Robertson. He was born in 1994 and is a former baseball player for Louisiana State University (LSU). Robertson played shortstop for the LSU Tigers baseball team from 2015 to 2017, and he was named to the All-SEC Defensive Team in 2016. After college, he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2017 MLB draft and played in their minor league system until retiring from baseball in 2021.

5. Kim Mulkey salary?

Ans- As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Kim Mulkey’s salary as the head coach of the LSU women’s basketball team was reported to be $2.5 million per year.


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