Adele’s New Boyfriend is a Sports Agent and He’s Worth Billions!

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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, known simply as Adele, has not only conquered the music industry with her soulful voice and emotionally charged lyrics but has also been a prominent figure in the world of celebrity relationships. While her music has consistently topped charts and won numerous awards, her love life has also made headlines over the years. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Adele’s relationships with two significant figures in her life: Simon Konecki and Rich Paul, exploring how they met, their journey together, and where things stand as of September 2023.

Adele and Simon Konecki: A Journey of Eight Years

Adele and Simon Konecki embarked on their love story, which eventually led to marriage, over the course of eight years. Their relationship began in a somewhat mysterious manner, with no clear public account of their initial meeting. It is rumored that they were introduced by mutual friends, and while the exact circumstances remain undisclosed, one thing is certain—they first unveiled their relationship to the world in 2012.

What set Adele and Simon Konecki’s romance apart was its privacy. They were remarkably reserved about their personal lives, rarely discussing their relationship in public or allowing themselves to be captured by the paparazzi’s lenses. Nonetheless, their genuine happiness was evident in the occasional social media posts that featured each other.

In 2016, Adele gave birth to their son, Angelo. This marked a pivotal moment in her life as she decided to take a break from her flourishing music career to focus on motherhood. However, her fans eagerly anticipated her return to the music scene, which finally happened in 2018 with the release of her much-awaited album, “21.”

Unfortunately, after seven years together, Adele and Simon Konecki announced their separation in 2019, and the divorce was finalized in 2021. This marked the end of their long-term relationship, and Adele’s fans were left with a sense of sorrow as well as curiosity about her future love life.

Adele and Rich Paul: A Public Affection

Following her divorce from Simon Konecki, Adele’s love life took a new direction with Rich Paul, a prominent sports agent. Their relationship, unlike her previous one, became significantly more public and openly acknowledged. Although the exact circumstances of their meeting remain shrouded in secrecy, speculation points to mutual friends as the initial link. The pair made their relationship public in May 2021.

Adele and Rich Paul’s love story has been under the spotlight, with the couple frequently spotted together at sporting events and various public outings. Unlike her past relationship, they have not shied away from public displays of affection and have openly discussed their relationship.

In 2022, Adele openly declared her love for Rich Paul, indicating a deep commitment and a desire to build a future together. She even expressed her wish to expand their family with more children. This revelation sent waves of joy through her fan base, who celebrated her newfound happiness and stability.

The Present: September 2023

As of September 2023, Adele and Rich Paul’s love story is still very much alive. They continue to be seen together, looking happier than ever and displaying a mutual support system for each other’s careers. Adele, the musical sensation, is currently hard at work on her upcoming album, scheduled for release in 2023. This album holds significant importance as it marks her artistic journey post-divorce from Simon Konecki. While the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Adele and Rich Paul are enjoying a fulfilling and loving relationship.


Adele, with her unparalleled success as a singer-songwriter, has also been in the limelight for her romantic relationships. Her journey with Simon Konecki, characterized by privacy and eventual separation, was followed by a more public and affectionate relationship with Rich Paul. Her fans have witnessed her evolution not only as an artist but as a woman in love and in pursuit of happiness.

As of September 2023, Adele and Rich Paul’s love story continues, showing no signs of fading. Their unwavering support for each other’s careers and their shared vision of a future together suggest that they are deeply committed to making their relationship work. While the world eagerly anticipates Adele’s upcoming album, it also watches with bated breath to see how her love story with Rich Paul will unfold in the chapters to come. Adele’s life has been a compelling narrative, filled with music, love, and a continuous journey of self-discovery, and her fans remain dedicated to following every step of this remarkable story.

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